Why Your Business Needs To Work With A Mobile Developer

Since it is quite apparent that most people are doing their internet searching from their mobile devices, to the tune of roughly 70%, it is vital that people gear up for a mobile revolution. It goes without saying that all websites should now be set up so that they are mobile friendly. It is fashionable now to build a website so that it works on a desktop and laptop, and with all mobile devices as well. Here are some pro tips and guideline by Atlanta software development.

However, the newest thing is to have your own special app built just for your business or your own brand. In this way, your customer or potential customer will be riveted on your products and won’t get distracted by everyone else’s ads when he is looking at your app.

This just make the most sense, because it makes it so much easier for the customer, as he can download your app and be privy to a host of benefits. Special discounts, coupons, contests, special input back to you are just a few of the many ways that customers can get incentives to download the app.

Apps are very efficient and when your customer sees that you have one, he will want it. It is the ideal way to get the message out to your customers, and it could be backed up with text and email when special offers occur and special events are happening.

People are never going to give up their mobile devices because they are just too useful. You can learn just about anything from your mobile phone or device from the weather, traffic, the latest local and national news, as well as the latest deals from your favorite shops and restaurants.

Smart businesses are catching on. If you are a restaurant in a busy mall, can’t you imagine having an app that will notify previous customers withing a 25 mile radius of a discount on lunch or dinner, as the case may be. It is a whole lot easier, and much cheaper than running a newspaper or TV ad, and much more efficient.

People could be shopping in the mall, and get a text that their favorite restaurant or clothing store will have coupons for off on certain items, or specials for a meal. What an incentive to drop what you are doing and head right over.

Let’s face it. we are all information junkies, and the more the better. We are also very keen on information that brings us up to the moment with new ideas and ways of doing things. Mobile apps are just such an item where it makes use of our technological mobility, and puts our mobile devices to good use.

The business who doesn’t embrace this next move, will lose lots of market share to the competition by not staying with the pace of things. People are very fickle, and they tend to embrace the new and trendy stuff, even if it is mostly perceived. This app move, however, is not just perception, it is the new reality.

Mobile Web Design Done The Right Way

A few years ago, website owners who wanted their pages to be easier to read on mobile phones had to produce and upload a separate version of their website that catered to small screens.

Today, that practice is obsolete and not recommended anymore. The right way to make a website mobile-friendly is to drop the measurements of all elements and make it adapt to various screen shapes and sizes. This method is known as responsive web design and it consists from a set of instructions meant to recognize the type of the dive and the screen resolution of the user, in order to show him a perfectly suitable variant of the website. By ditching the pixels, all photos and sections of a page are going to be fluid, offering the user a seamless browsing experience.

Moreover, even Google stated that mobile-friendly, responsive websites are going to have priority in their rankings. This is why I’ve started to study responsive design, and now I’m able to offer my clients this actual solution of making their websites perfectly functional regardless the devices they are accessed from. It’s cool to be a web developer when you have the chance to produce such outstanding work.